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Appaloosas For Sale

Breeding World Class Appaloosas for Conformation and Temperament.

We are a modern, appaloosa breeding farm, and nursery. Our foals are imprinted, and nurtured on site by both human and mare mothers. We believe that like most animals, horses will learn most of their behavioral responses early in life and we give them a foundation of respect and trust. They will go their new homes well prepared and carrying the breed's richest bloodlines. Our appaloosa foals will excel in halter, performance events, on mountain trails, working cattle, and as contributors to other excellent appaloosa breeding programs. We look forward to helping you reach your equine goals.

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Equine Services

We offer three programs - foaling, nursery and rehabilitation. If you feel you do not have the time, experience or the facilities to foal out your own mare, we can do it for you. Foals born on our farm are eligible for our nursery program!! This will prepare them to go home with the basic skills required for a respectful horse. Also, horses can be sent, with their treatment plan from a veterinary facility or boarding barn, to complete their recovery and return to health, in the quiet tranquility of the our farm.



Our broodmares are the foundation of our breeding program. They possess the conformation and maternal traits required to produce strong, exceptional foals. We then search out and cross our mares with the best stallions in the appaloosa and quarter horse industries. We pride ourselves in combining complimentary mares and stallions. Our registered appaloosa foals have the looks and minds to compete in halter and performance events.


The Farm

Balderston Appaloosas is situated in the Peace River region of Alberta, Canada. Our beautiful Alberta setting allows our horses the most natural lifestyle. During summer our horses quietly graze lush pastures and are rotated through various training schedules. In the fall foals are weaned and sold and our last shows come to an end with the arrival of the frost. Winter is spent eating high quality river flat alfalfa as the broodmare's bellies grow. When spring arrives, the foaling barn is bustling as we welcome our newest champions.

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